Thoughtful Presents for your Bridesmaids.

I bet some of you are thinking, “Why buy bridesmaids gifts? Shouldn’t they be the ones buying you stuff?”

That is the reaction I received when I posed the question to the ladies in a certain group I’m in. Some of them that is. And that argument has been our foundation as far as who gets to be receiving staff on their wedding day is concerned- The Bride and Groom. Period.

But all of that is changing. Now, more and more couples are gifting their bridal party as a token of appreciation for their being part of the couple’s huge day. It is important to realize that these people took time out of their busy schedules and agreed to be part of your grand celebration. They could have been anywhere else, doing other things, and only show up on the wedding day, eat your cake, say their congratulations and go about their businesses, right? Some don’t even bring gifts!! It is a courteous gesture and they will be saying nice things about you for a very long time. *wink.

“What of the other things that take up so much money? Will you be able to afford it?”

The good thing about gifts is, they need not be expensive. Here is a compilation of the things the ladies and myself felt would make for great tokens of appreciation.

Customized Mugs

I can’t think of a person that wouldn’t like a mug that has a customized message just for them. Or even just their name and a “thank you”. This is an easy hack and it will not leave a dent in your bank account- which is probably already dented a bit? Okay, okay, A LOT.


Bracelets, earrings, cufflinks for the guys. The options are endless. If you can go a yard further, have the bracelets customized with their names or something they like. Customizing could cost you more though. And that is what we are trying to avoid- unless you can afford to do it without a strain or you get a deal (3 for one things). The jewelry with a well thought out “Thank you” card will definitely do the trick.

Photo frames are great gifts too. Think outside the box with either pocket knives or bottle top openers for the guys.


These sexy essentials are a girl’s must have. They will thank you for the addition you will have made to their closet.

Spa Date

I honestly feel like this has been overdone. It, however, doesn’t mean it isn’t a good gift. A place where you can have some TLC, a glass of wine and still get to gossip? The best part is you leaving feeling rejuvenated and beautiful. Nails and Facials so well done that you ladies look like a bag of money! That’s perhaps why it remains so popular. This can be quite expensive. You can negotiate for a discount since you will be treating a big number.

PS. Even men would appreciate some spa love.

Facial Kits/ Body Kits

This is my favorite. Identify the different skin types for every member of the bridal team. Have someone who owns an organic beauty product line come up with products specific to every skin type. Have a package that includes a moisturizer, cleanser, scrub, the works, made for every person in your line up. With the many genuine organic products available, you have an opportunity to even negotiate for a discount since you will be buying quite a number of products.

I would recommend dealing with small or growing businesses.


Capture shammys
Facial/Body/Spa Kits by Shammys Organics


Now, there’s no room for excuses like you didn’t know what to get.

We would love to hear other suggestions of meaningful and affordable gifts you can get for your bridal party.







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