Thursday Weddings? YAAASSS?

Would you consider having your wedding on a Thursday? Is that a “No” I hear? Well, you might want to reconsider after the few findings I made.

Thursday weddings have become quite popular over the past two years with the numbers expected to rise even more. While Kenyans are yet to catch-up with this new trend, It is about time you actually considered it because of all the advantages Thursday weddings may grant you.


It is true that weddings scheduled for a Thursday, which is technically off-season are cheaper. The rates by the florists are significantly lower and the photographers also charge a lower rate. This is because you are not bidding against 27 other people for your dream venue. In the end, you realize that you will have saved thousands in costs. Imagine having your dream wedding without any budget cuts? Sounds like every couple’s dream.


Before Friday Holidays

When you have your wedding on Thursday, just like during the off-season months, you have more purchasing power and can thus bargain for discounts. Couples who have their weddings on Thursdays say that the cost dropped significantly by about 17% on flowers, entertainment, venue, and catering.

While many people are considering having Fridays as their wedding day, Friday has grown in popularity over the past years making it a bit more expensive in comparison to Thursday. Thursday weddings are even better if the Friday following is a holiday and people need not wake up for work.

To Thursday weddings!!!

Let us know what you think of Thursday weddings.




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