Wedding Hacks You Have to Know

Prepping for your wedding is hectic. Even with all the help from everybody, it gets tough as you get closer to the big day. That is why you should start preparing as early as a year prior to the awesome day. Sometimes, even 365 1/4 days are not enough to have everything sorted out, I kid you not! And what of the huge prices on everything  EVERYTHING!

“Can a wedding be amazing even with a minimalist’s budget? Or are we doomed?”

Seems a lot like we are doomed! I’m kidding. Seriously though, you are lucky you found us ;-). The good news is that there are a few things that you can do in advance to help make your day a little less expensive and an even less stressful affair. The following tips will go a long way into ensuring you get to smile and enjoy one of the best days of your life. Check these tips out.

  • Get married when it’s off season.

Things are less expensive then. Vendors are giving discounts and since there is less demand for commodities, you are more likely to get better quality products and services. Reserving a venue will also be easier since you won’t be fighting for space for a particular date with 5 other couples. Arranging the wedding for a weekday also guarantees a lower price for the venue. How about having a wedding on a Thursday? See why here.

  •  Have a Breakfast Wedding

1b1e7cf71a599f7b7c4a694c5fa3954dSo that you serve your guests breakfast instead of lunch/dinner. Trust me, serving breakfast is a lot more affordable in comparison to full meals at lunch hour. Breakfast offers many great options like cereal, pastry- yummy to some chocolate doughnuts- Kenyan tea that would bring people together as we enjoy and celebrate our heritage, and Cake.

  • Alternatives to Flowers?

Flowers are expensive. Besides there being an off-season period for them, there’s also the high demand for flowers for various reasons and occasions. So how about we save costs by improvising other decor options? Or use paper flowers? No, not the tacky kind of paper flowers. Check out Kart Ua for amazing cut-out flowers. They look amazingly real and what’s better is that they are more affordable. Here are a few more alternatives to real flowers.

  • The Cake

Instead of the entire 7 -9 or whatever number of tier cake you had in mind, you can make a two or three tier cake for display, then serve your guests from a sheet cake that was made and hidden away in the kitchen. This way, you save the cost of having all the cakes decorated and made into tiers which are more expensive.

  •  Have your bra Sewn Onto your dress

Your gorgeous gown probably needs a bra that is either strapless or one without a back. You have been so busy with everything else and you may forget to purchase this important piece of clothing. It, Doesn’t have to be that way. How about you have the bra sewn onto your dress when you take it for adjustment? That will be one less thing to think about on your wedding day. The good thing with a fitted bra is that you need not worry about straps or the back support if your dress is an open back!

  • Wearing Heels for an Outdoor Wedding?

shoe protectorHow about getting heel protectors to make movement easier? These God sent jewels will ensure that your gorgeous heels don’t dig into the soil making movement easier for you. Now, you can dance without a care.

Try these awesome tips and let us know how your day went down, won’t you?



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