Amazing Alternatives to Flower Decor

Not a flower kinda girl? How about we find you amazing alternatives for your wedding decor. These options mean that you need not worry about it being off season for flowers or the fact that they don’t have a gray flower alternative. Did I mention just how allergic I am to pollen and scents? Aint nobody about sneezing throughout their wedding procession. Not when we have plan B! Check these out.









You can never go wrong with parasols. Paper parasols in your choice of color will give your wedding a look of modernity. Vintage parasols if you are working with old Holywood as your theme. Try out these Ankara parasols for an African themed wedding.

Bridal clutch







Talk of killing two birds with a stone. You get to keep you pocket tissues for those teary moments and still look fabulous in your theme colors.














Too gorgeous. Plus, we know the price in comparison to flowers, don’t we? Balloons come in pretty much every color under the sky.


I seriously love lanterns. These decor pieces have a way of making anything that would otherwise look ugly so beautiful you could eat them, literally. Then the way they give that old school vintage feel will totally match with your flowing gown and your handsome prince in his tuxedo. Match made in decor heaven right there.

Mason Jars

These are a personal favorite. Need I say anything else?


Fancy, sassy, classy and amazing with the hot weather. Best part, they come in lots of variety. Make your programs fan style and let everyone remain cooled despite your looking hot. See what I did there?

Paper Bouquet

download (10)

Let us know if you have other alternatives that you fancy.


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