Let’s Get Married

I love weddings! Is it too obvious? 🙂 And I promise you I’m not the only one. You, however, can’t fathom the amount of time, money, work and sometimes frustrations that go into making the grand day happen! You have no idea how many times the wig was pulled off the bride’s hair when the service provider delayed to deliver the purple tulips you’re “awwing” at right now. Or how bridezilla she became when her”teardrop” bouquet did not include green stalks.

However, they made it happen. And here you are, enjoying every bit of the day- and hating on some elements- oblivious of the names that were thrown around a couple of days, weeks prior. Everything is near perfection.


images (1)

The amount of time, energy, and resources that go towards preparing for the wedding can be nerve wrecking. From the very moment you start planning and have no idea where to start, which vendor to trust to deliver and make your work easy, to which ones are within your budget; planning is no mean feat!


Great thing is that it shouldn’t have to be. Planning a wedding is about to get as easy as saying “I Do” to the love of your life. Now, you can plan your big day at the comfort of your favorite couch and with your dignity still intact. We offer you your virtual wedding planning platform. Everything you need for your big day under your roof- or website. Let’s Get Married will be your virtual wedding planner. We will walk with you through this jourb=ney until the day. From premarital counseling, all the way to your Honeymoon, trust have to have you covered.

There is a certain feeling of togetherness that weddings bring. A certain feeling of belonging. Weddings are an opportunity to dress up, show our sense of fashion; it’s an opportunity to dance, to eat nice food and who knows, it could be the start of something amazing for some of the single ladies and gentlemen. You get to savor the beautiful setup and applaud the great taste by the couple and to crown it all, taste the tantalizing cake!

Let us help you make this day memorable. Welcome to Let’s get married, Africa. Get hitched, without a hitch.



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